Leicester & Loughborough Shotokan provides expert tuition in all aspects of the ancient Japanese discipline of Shotokan Karate, from beginners to advanced Dan grade level, at several different locations around Leicester and Loughborough.

We practice all aspects of this traditional Japanese art, including Kihon (basics), Kata (form), Bunkai (Kata application) & Kumite (sparring) in a safe and friendly environment.

We also cater for those wishing to compete in the competition side of Karate, and are proud to have two members in the current England AMA squad!

Chief Instructor Sensei Peter Statham and Sensei Kase (9th Dan). Click to enlarge

Most classes are taken by the Chief Instructor Mr Peter Statham (6th Dan) who has over 30 years of training, competition and teaching experience and is committed to providing the highest level of instruction in Traditional Karate to all students wishing to learn.

Our classes are inexpensive (see the 'About Us' page for pricing) and there are no contracts to sign up for. A student will need to purchase an A.M.A. licence renewable annually, which covers insurance, grading records and membership to the Amateur Martial Association.

For more information please visit the links on the left or contact us via email at raj.patel.llskarate@gmail.com